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November 2017

What are Open When Letters or Cards?

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Open When Letters are the best “little big gift” ever.  Not only are they great to receive but they are just as fun to make!  A very unique twist to the everyday care package.

In todays busy world it isn’t always possible to be there for our loved ones.  Big life events like college, military deployment and new jobs can separate us when we need each other most.  Other events like marriage and pregnancy require advice that we might not even know we need!  Open When letters allow us to stay connected to our family and loved ones without physically being with them.  This is how Open When works:

  1.  The gift giver receives a box of 5 to 20 notes with preprinted prompts that correlate to everyday situations such as:  Open When You’ve Had a Great Day, Open When You Need to Laugh, Open When You Can’t Fall Asleep, etc.
  2. Unique prompts are created for different topics such as:  Long Distance RelationshipsSummer CampCancer Sucks, Moving, Break-ups, and many more.
  3. The gift giver than gets busy thinking of unique ways to share in each moment that has a prompt.  It can be with words of advice, a joke, an inspirational quote, a piece of material that has a special scent, a photo, gift cards, etc.  It is limitless when you start to think about the special relationship you have with your loved one.
  4. Your loved one receives a complete – now custom – open when package with special directions on how to experience their Open When Box.  Now they have a piece of you with them when they need you most.

The next time you miss your loved one – even if they are in the next room and life has separated you – remember that Open When letters might be exactly what you both need to stay connected.  And when you’re trying to think of a gift for special occasions don’t forget that Open When letters are the best “little big gift” ever!!

11-year-old’s business fosters hope after family’s loss

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An 11-year-old’s effort to make sure her college-bound brother knew how much she loved him has turned into a business aimed at helping people connect the old-fashioned way: through handwritten notes.

Bella Geary, who will enter sixth grade at Pocahontas Middle School in Henrico County this fall, wrote the notes as a Christmas gift tailored to topics including “Open when … you miss me,” “Open when … we’ve had a fight” and “Open when … you’re nervous.”

“When I miss him, I know that I’m with him even when I’m not,” Bella said of her brother Michael. “My handwriting is there for him.”

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