getting married open when letters gift pack

Open When Letters to help couples through their first year together and beyond!

It’s your wedding day…read together, What have we gotten into, Throwing Pots and Pans, Need a date night, Compromise 101, When what was cute becomes a pet peeve, Decorating your doghouse, He’s driving you crazy, She’s driving you crazy, Communicating becomes hard, When you should wave the white flag, You need Ann Landers, Finding it hard to say “I’m sorry”, Rules of Engagement, 1st anniversary



15 – 5 x 7 Preprinted Topic Cards and Envelopes
5 – 5 x 7 Blank Note Cards for Your Custom Ideas and Envelopes
1 – Return Note Card/Envelope so your loved one can share a moment back
1- Card from us giving you ideas we have gathered to get you started

Proceeds for every purchase go to the Cameron Gallagher Foundation for Teenage Depression and Anxiety.

Handmade item
Materials are 100 per cent recyclable, recyclable, printed envelopes, custom box
Ships worldwide from United States