for my teen open when letters gift pack

For My Teen Open When Letters – A Great Gift for Your Teen Girl or Boy Separated From You by Long Distance, Divorce or Everyday Life!

It’s no secret that being a teenager is hard…it always has been. The unique difference today is that social media has become a primary influencer in their world instead of family and friends. As a parent it is harder than ever to know if our child feels alone or upset. Our Teen Open When will give you the opportunity to tell your teen how much they mean to you when they need you most and can’t express it out loud.



20 – 5 x7 Preprinted Topic Cards/Envelopes
1 – Card full of ideas we’ve gathered to get you started
1 – Box to contain your letters and other items you’ve gathered
1 – To/From Tag to put on the box
1 – Open When Sticker to seal box

Handmade item
Materials are 100 per cent recyclable, recyclable, printed envelopes, custom box
Ships worldwide from United States