The Best Long Distance Gift Are Open When Letters

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Our Favorite Long Distance Relationship Open When Letter Topics

We have all heard the saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” but anyone that has been in a long distance relationship knows it’s never easy or fun to be apart for extended periods of time!  Staying connected through playful notes, private thoughts, silly jokes, and fun memories can help make the distance seem closer while the heart grows fonder.

I don’t think anyone would argue that staying connected is the key to any long distance relationship.  That is why Open When Letters are the best gift for your relationship.  They let your partner know that they are always close to your heart.  Here are some of our favorite long distance topics!

Open When:

  1. You Get this From Me
  2. You Miss Me
  3. It’s Been a Hard Day
  4. You Want a Reminder of How I Feel About Us
  5. You Want a Reminder of How I Feel About You
  6. We’ve Had a Fight
  7. You Want to Read One of My Favorite ” Us” Memories
  8. You Want to Learn My 3 Favorite Things About You
  9. You Can’t Get Me and You Really Need to Hear My Voice
  10. You’re Lonely
  11. You Can’t Sleep
  12. You Don’t Feel Well
  13. For Your Eyes Only
  14. Shhh…It’s a Surprise
  15. You Need to Laugh
  16. Someone Has Irritated You
  17. You’re a Little Stressed and Need a Break
  18. You’ve Had a Great Day
  19. You Want to Know I Stand Beside You Always
  20. You’re On Your Way Home to Me

The best part of Open When Letters is that they aren’t about money but the time and thought you put into them.  And don’t forget to be creative!  Add photos, make up funny inside jokes, use inspirational quotes, create YouTube videos, add the words of your favorite song…ideas are limitless and personal to your relationship.  Now get started on your Long Distance Open When gift and have fun!!


Long Distance Relationships

We’ve all heard the saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” but no one said it was easy to be apart. Playful notes, inside jokes and special words can help make the distance seem smaller while the heart grows fonder.

I Miss You Mini Pack

There is never a wrong time to tell the people you love how much they mean to you. Too often grandparents, parents, children and close friends are separated by distance. Getting a personal package in the mail that helps us stay connected can mean the world to those who miss us.

Deployment Military

Military open when letters for loved ones serving our country. Serving our country takes an uncommon commitment made by the strongest of us, yet born by the whole family.